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Solar Panels Edge Protection in Edinburgh

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Edinburgh

Solar Edge Protection –

Solar Edge Protection are Scotland’s leading solar bird, pigeon and pest proofing service, providing a long lasting robust solution with a 10 year guarantee.

Solar Installation, Repair, Cleaning, Inverters, Meters, Bird Proofing & Maintenance
Solar Edge Protection are a solar panel company located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen serving all of Scotland with solar installation, maintenance, repair, and other specialist solar services.

Using our large team of approved solar contractors employed by the company and professional sub-contractors we can comfortably serve all of Scotland.

Our services include;

Solar panel bird, pigeon, and pest proofing – we will prevent birds, pigeons, and pests from nesting under your solar panels long term with our industry leading solar edge protection bird proofing kits.

Solar panel installation – our approved solar installers can supply and fit brand new solar PV systems. We have a range of different systems and solutions that we are more than happy to discuss with you in detail during a free consultation.

Solar panel repair – we offer all aspects of solar panel repairs, this applies to the panels themselves and any other parts of the system such as the meter, invertor, or isolator.

Solar panel maintenance – including cleaning, solar panel bird proofing, and other maintenance services.

Solar panel cleaning – this is available alongside solar maintenance, bird proofing, or as a stand alone service.

Solar inverters, meters, and isolators – repairs and replacements of solar inverters, meters, and isolators. All new solar inverters, meters, and isolators are supplied and fitted with full manufacturer warranty.

For solar panel bird proofing, we do not use spikes, chicken wire, mesh, or netting. We know from experience these products are not effective especially long term. Our market leading solar edge protection kits are the best available in the UK market place.

For more information about any of our services please call 0808 164 9919 or visit www.solarpanelpigeonproofing.co.uk

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Who We Are:

Solar Edge Protection are a team of experienced and vetted solar professionals, and installed thousands of our 100% guaranteed solar edge bird proofing kits in Edinburgh and mainland Scotland.

Solar Panels Edge Protection in Edinburgh

Tel: 0808 164 9919
Email: info@solarpanelpigeonproofing.co.uk

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